About us

Arya Telecom is exclusively focused on designing, developing, implementing and supporting Unified Communication and Video Collaboration solutions. With decades of experience, Arya has been able to develop an inch-wide, mile-deep expertise in these areas. Expertise that has benefited hundreds of users across India. Being Vendor agnostic, Arya has a distinct advantage over most System Integrators. Our focus in on Customer satisfaction, not on meeting OEM’s and Vendor demands on market share. Hence, we have been able to bring the best of technologies to the Indian market.

Over the years, we have standardized our processes to such an extent, that our various teams work synchronously like a well oiled machine. Gathering Customer requirements and translating them into uniquely designed solutions is second nature at Arya. However, the biggest advantage we bring is our commitment to our Customers. We commit not only in terms of designing cutting edge solutions but mainly on ensuring that solutions we deploy are scalable to meet future demands, integrate with existing investments and are reliable in operation. We commit to bringing our best experts to the table to ensure that Customer expectations are met and exceeded.


Our vision is simple – Empowering Effective Communication Whether you’re an individual or a part of a larger organization, our vision is to create solutions that empower you to communicate more effectively with your ecosystem – both internal and external. This vision is the driving force behind the solutions we create, the technologies we bring and the services we provide.


We are on a mission to build an India where workers become more efficient and effective because they can connect easily to their teams and their customers on multiple channels. An India where medical care can reach even the remotest rural areas without making citizens travel for kilometres to reach a doctor. A mission to empower students to benefit from experts anywhere, anytime and on a device of their choice.

Core Values

Our customers above all else – market-share, Vendor loyalty and profitability come a poor second Process! Process! Process! – we believe in refining our design and implementation processes continually to ensure our customers get the best of the best solutions Single minded focus – on unified communication, video and voice solutions that translates to building expertise that differentiates us from the crowd.